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I just had to write these down, and felt like sharing them with you guys. They’re just things that I’ve been experiencing emotionally in high school. 

  • Procrastinating. They say “who you are now, is who you are going to be for the rest of your life” which in my opinion, is the most foolish thing my ears have come to meet. But, if this were true, I don’t want to be paying my bills weeks later than the deadline. 
  • Feeling lonely. You’re never lonely if you are your own best friend. I don’t have a boyfriend, or really a best friend. But bringing myself down, or making sure that I’m jealous of someone else who has those relationships isn’t giving me inner peace and simply makes me miserable. You can’t force relationships like this.
  • Comparing. If I walk by a beautiful girl with the perfect body, I’m bound to compare myself to her. At first I did it because I was telling myself that I was “studying” that person so that I could become more like them, but that was a lie. All it did was bring my self-esteem down. I love to be me because I am the only me. 
  • Judging. I’m all about first impressions. I’m that type of person that will decide if I like you about 10 minutes into meeting you. Since freshman year in high school, I’ve realized that half of the people that I thought I would strongly dislike, we’ve ended up actually getting along and having great conversations. 
  • Feeling intimidated. If you’re of higher status, I will automatically be scared of you. Then I thought to myself, “This person has been intimidated by somebody else in their life, too.” This is when I like to say, confidence is key. 


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